AppFormix Cloud Optimization and Management Platform

The AppFormix software leverages big-data analytics and machine learning in a distributed architecture that puts the power of self-driving infrastructure at the core of most any cloud. AppFormix redefines the state-of-the-art in telemetry and management across software-defined infrastructure and application software layers.

Operations Analytics

Better Resolutions Means Better Analysis

Through its unique “smart agent” approach to data collection and analysis, AppFormix offers deep, meaningful insights in real-time by analyzing the system’s most accurate, high resolution and relevant data—all while consuming fewer resources than other monitoring systems.

Real-time data informs the best possible decision making—especially when it comes to orchestrating resources and detecting faults in the infrastructure.

  • Analysis conducted at the point of collection
  • Analysis delivered in real-time

Risk Analysis

AppFormix Risk Analysis uses proven algorithms to synthesize monitoring data and predict infrastructure failure or service disruptions.

State-Driven Orchestration

State Awareness is the best inoculation against service disruption

Cloud infrastructure is shared infrastructure, and therefore resource contention is inevitable. However, through state-driven automation and policy-based resource utilization, AppFormix removes the guesswork of allocating resources and allows operators to manage their infrastructure efficiently.

The result is a cloud environment that is predictable, reliable and responsive to the needs of applications.

  • Workload provisioning and migration
  • Optimized orchestration for Docker containers in Kubernetes
  • Out-of-the-box integration with OpenStack Nova for resource placement

Chargeback and Capacity Planning

Enhance reliability and improve your enterprise cloud ROI
AppFormix Capacity Planning helps cloud operators to predict resource usage trends, and clearly reveal areas where resources are being wasted or areas where resources are needed more abundantly. Our Capacity Planning tooling was also designed with CIO's and IT managers in mind to help them track and improve infrastructure expenditure and increase the ROI of their enterprise cloud.

Superior teamwork stars with data-driven decisions

AppFormix Reports generator allows users to create, share, and download custom reports. Instantly generated reports include color charts, trend graphs, and resource tables.

  • Easy to understand historical trends and performance charts
  • Completely customizable content: both for the time frame and the resource
  • Reports generator allows you to easily, save, share, and download custom reports

Self-Service Monitoring and Alarms

Know your Enterprise Cloud from the Bottom Up

Operators depend on AppFormix, not only for predictive analytics and capacity planning, but also as a quality monitoring solution. The AppFormix dashboard for monitoring is completely customizable and designed with Operators and their daily IT battles in mind.

As part of a great monitoring experience, we have created a powerful and highly expressive alarm triggering language that allows Operators to create custom alarms and events.

  • Monitor hardware performance and watch for failures
  • Understand cloud infrastructure usage and track resource consumption
  • Alarms integration with PagerDuty, Slack, or your Trouble Ticketing system